Are you just starting off homesteading?

Are you in the working-for-the-boss routine? Do you sit in the bumper-to-bumper traffic each morning and evening wasting time and energy to get to a job you wish you could escape?  Do you find yourself daydreaming of your own little farm with some chickens, vegetable garden and a more relaxed lifestyle?

Maybe starting off homesteading is for you.  It can be a daunting task – full of excitement, but just where do you begin?

We are here to help YOU startoff homesteading.   With information and much more to come.   But don’t be a stranger – join in conversations, email us ideas and suggestions.   Lets take the journey together.

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“The Earth will keep on turning…but better that it turns with a shade of green than a shade of concrete.”  

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Where to homestead – fracking, nuclear power plants, wind power potential

Here are a few more maps for the USA to add to this series on "Where to homestead". In this ...
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Beginners guide to producing eggs

Producing your very own farm-fresh eggs is one of the most satisfying parts of homesteading. Having a happy flock of ...
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Climate change and your farm – the basics!

Climate change and your farm - it's something that we all have to adapt to! It's not all doom and ...
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Selling chicken eggs – resource guide

Here are some great resources to help you prepare for selling chicken egg from your homestead! Know your state regulations ...
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Tornadoes – how to protect your homestead.

Tornadoes are a frightening phenomenon when they touch your life. We had some near misses when we lived in Colorado ...
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Using permaculture zones to plan your homestead.

We have been using permaculture zones to plan our farm. Even if you are not a permaculture fanatic, the concept ...
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Flying the flag on your farm

Flying the flag on your farm is a very patriotic thing to do. But did you know the rules you ...
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Maple Syrup – so simple to make and so good to eat!

Maple Syrup has to be one of the most rewarding products me have made on our homestead. We are fortunate ...
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Quick guide to hard water and soft water

Hard water and soft water - what do these terms mean and how so they differ? When rain falls from ...
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Final zones

Using Google Earth to zone your farm

Using Google Earth to zone your farm is a wonderful tool for planning your farm permaculture zones. Its simple to ...
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Tips to fill the homestead income gap

Solving the income gap is one of the biggest stumbling blocks to starting off homesteading. This is the gap between ...
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Pick your own fruit business – homestead income

A pick your own fruit business is a great way to bring direct income to your farm or homestead. Within ...
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Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 8.48.17 AM

Where to homestead – crime, guns and thefts

When finding a perfect place to homestead, one thing to consider is the level of crime in the state/county. I ...
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Chicken Water heater

Chicken water heater

With our cold winters we needed a chicken water heater to stop our DIY chicken waterer to freeze up. We ...
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Measurements Chart – how to use this awesome guide

I came across a measurements chart in a meme online and thought how useful that would be for canning and ...
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lady fingers

Lady Finger potatoes

This year we grew Lady Finger potatoes on our homestead. Not because we sought that variety out...but because our local ...
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Selling Eggs – tips and tricks

Selling eggs is a great way to make some homestead income. With the price of tasteless watery caged-birds eggs bought ...
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cheap greenhouse

Cheap greenhouse – Video and other resource guides

As winter approaches many of us are looking at building a cheap greenhouse to extend our growing season and be ...
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Fencing for horses – EquiLine

Our homestead came with almost no fencing for horses - in fact and the fences that existed would not have ...
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US population map

Where to homestead in the USA

Often I am asked where is the best place have a homestead. That's a question that only YOU can answer ...
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homesteading creed

Homesteading Creed

Here is my homesteading creed: Homesteading knows no boundaries or limitations. It cuts across all societies and involves people from ...
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Getting children involved in homesteading

Getting children involved in your homesteading activities can be a wonderful learning activity for them as well as you. However ...
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Communication concept: Hand pressing a letter icon on a world map interface

2 Things to Remember About That Dirty “M” Word

Running a homestead business means you need to become good at so many things. Homestead marketing is just one of ...
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Groundwater wells – what you need to know.

Groundwater wells may be the most important, and often only, source of water on your farm Having some knowledge of ...
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Can your new tractor save you money on your taxes?

Can your new tractor save you money on your taxes? I asked US tax expert Kristin Ingram to let us ...
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Homesteading States – a survey

What state is the best place to homestead? This maybe a loaded question as we all have different ideas of ...
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Buying your first tractor

Buying your first tractor is a daunting experience if you have not grown up on a farm and been around ...
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Rocks soil and minerals on your homestead

Rocks soil and minerals - it sounds like you are back in 8th grade science at school - but now ...
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How to fix wheelbarrow handles

Fix wheelbarrow handles - it will be on your "to do list" at some stage on your farm. In our ...
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Protecting garden tools

Protecting garden tools is a way to save money in the long run. If you buy good tools to start ...
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Recycle treasure – found at the town dump.

We find a pile of recycle treasure right at our town dump. We visit every week to drop of some ...
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How to build a pole barn

When we first started homesteading we found that we lacked a place to store food, equipment and animals - especially ...
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Raising meat rabbits

3 Reasons why everyone should consider raising meat rabbits

When my husband told me that he wanted to start raising meat rabbits, I thought he was crazy. We were ...
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chicken coop

Chicken coop – a building guide.

Having a chicken coop to keep your chickens safe from predators and the elements is an important part of having ...
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choosing chickens

Choosing chickens – a guide to egg layers.

Chickens have to be one the the easiest and most rewarding animals to start on your homestead. Choosing chickens can ...
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Electric fences for beginners

Electric fences are a great way to keep animals enclosed on your homestead - and even to keep unwanted animals ...
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circular homestead calendar

Circular Homestead Calendar

A Circular Homestead Calendar is an amazing tool to plan out your homestead activities. I use it for two main ...
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Survey boundary pegs – the important homestead object.

Why would survey boundary pegs be so important? Because they (and they alone) define your land. Not fences, stone walls ...
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Vacation from your homestead – arrange it!

Taking a vacation from your homestead is always a worthwhile thing to consider. Its always good for your moral to ...
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planning book

Using a Homestead Planning Book

Using a planning book to record your homestead activities can be an important tool for you to make progress. What ...
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Homestead Income

Having a steady form of homestead income is essential to keeping the homesteading dream alive. Its our fiscal security to ...
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Income buffer secret

Income buffer – a homesteading secret

There is an income buffer secret that really can make a huge difference when running a homestead. It is a ...
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Controlling your budget

Controlling your budget is one of the essential skills you will need to have to be a homesteader. By controlling ...
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Growing potatoes – video guides

I love growing potatoes! I can't say I am an expert, so I turn to the online videos to see ...
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Homesteads and children

Homesteads and children - so you are thinking of moving from the city to a farm. What about the children? ...
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Starting costs for a homestead

What will the starting costs for a homestead really be? The answer is sort of like "how long is a ...
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Converting city dwellers to country folks

Converting city dwellers to country folks? Is it even possible? Many city people yearn to move from the city rat ...
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Four important tips for choosing a farm name

Here are four important tips for choosing a farm name - and how you can make your farm name really ...
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Twelve tips for choosing a perfect homestead

Here are my twelve tips for choosing a perfect homestead site - they come from my experience in buying two ...
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Four tips for starting a homestead

When we started our farm in Colorado we needed help! What I wish I had was someone tell me the ...
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Cutting cable – and save a bundle!

Cutting cable TV is a great way to save a bundle (no pun intended) when you are trying to make ...
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Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 6.09.46 AM

Using Google Earth to map your farm soil

Google Earth is a free mapping tool that you can download for your computer or mobile device from here. Google ...
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Vegetable planning – a resource guide

It's that time of year to start your vegetable planning. What beds will you plant what farm-ready crop? Where will ...
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Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 6.01.55 AM

Google Earth to measure distance

I am using Google Earth to measure distance for all the fence lines for my property. Why? Cause it is ...
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Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 5.41.28 AM

Google Earth farm history

Did you know you can use Google Earth to see your farm history? Google Earth is a wonderful tool to ...
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water tank

Collecting rainwater – four things to know!

Having your own supply of water is one of the important steps of self sufficiency. Water to drink. Water for ...
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Four tips on how to take holidays from your homestead

Taking a holiday away from your homestead is always a worthwhile thing to consider. Its always good for your moral ...
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Web Soil Survey (USA) – Steps to use this soil tool!

The Web Soil Survey is a fantastic tool to get information on the types of soil you have on your ...
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Earthquakes and your farm

Earthquakes and your farm - that seems a strange topic, but having a little knowledge could save your life, reduce ...
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Bean rock sign

Rock garden bed labels – how to make your own!

Making your own rock garden bed labels is a fun activity for wet and cold days when you are stuck ...
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chicken waterer

Do it yourself (DIY) simple chicken waterer

Our chickens are forever causing us issues with their water. We needed a DIY chicken waterer that was a better ...
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