Cutting cable TV is a great way to save a bundle (no pun intended) when you are trying to make ends meet on your farm/homestead.  We have been slaves to the cable box for quite a few years – we have had multiple companies and systems, but at the end of the day the 100’s of channels of worthless time-wasting dribble, mindless loads of sports stations and home shopping, and nothing ever working into our schedules is making us switch.

Cutting cable
The money pit! The cable box.

Our cable connection and service was costing us $161 a month (wow…what a rip off!)

Cutting cable ….but we are not ready (yet) for NO TV!

So here is what we have done.

Step one to cutting cable –  Cut off the TV (but kept the net)
We have cut all the cable TV service EXCEPT for cable internet.   We need good and stable internet to run part of our farm business and to telecommute (to support the other parts of homesteading that are not yet turning a profit).

Cutting cable
Time to get rid of the cable company $5.99/month modem.

We discarded the cable company modem for which they charged us $5.99 a month to rent, and bought our own cable modem for $69.  However, the modem we bought delivers the net much faster around the house…and so we are in front.

Cost for the internet alone will be $37 a month.

Step two to cutting cable – Get an antenna and keep free-to-air TV.
For us it is important to keep in touch with the world news and the local weather.  And thats all out there for free (remember when all TV was free?).  We bought a HDTV enhanced antenna for $19 and plugged it into the cable slot on the TV.   After doing a channel set up on the TV we got 8 channels – news and some movies.  So easy!

Cutting cable
Stylish rabbit ears

Step three to cutting cable – Get a streaming service.
There are many out there – we chose Roku.   We purchased a Roku stick ($49.99) and can now browse the 1000 of channels it provides, watch YouTube videos streamed up from our computer or phones.   So now I can watch all those wonderful farming videos on wide screen instead of a 3 inch X 1.5 inch phone!


Learn more about Roku here.

Step four to cutting cable – Subscribe to a streaming service.
We have some favorite TV shows we like to watch – most of them old ones rather than the latest offerings.   So we pay $7.99 a month to  get access to a colossal range of TV shows and movies from Netflix through the Roku box.  What is wonderful is that we can watch them on OUR schedule!

Learn more about Netfix here.

Step five to cutting cable – call the cable company and tell them goodbye 
How sweet that is!

So now we are set!

So what did cutting cable cost us?

Antenna        $19
Modem         $69
Roku stick    $50

Total              $138

What our new subscription costs (net, streaming) is a month:  $44.99

What did it originally cost us a month $161


Almost a farmer
A very happy saver!


So, in one and a half months we will have saved enough to cover all the set up costs…then the rest is money in our pocket to buy fence posts or a tractor payment!

I know for some of you this is not new…but for others, we hope this provides you the incentive to do the save and save some serious farm cash!

Cutting cable – and save a bundle!

2 thoughts on “Cutting cable – and save a bundle!

  • February 24, 2015 at 10:02 am

    Step 1: Don’t have Comcast as your only internet option in town, because they’ll force you to also subscribe to cable and accept 6 month pricing plans that triple if you forget to go grovel for a new discount at the end of the term.

  • March 10, 2018 at 10:15 pm

    I found out there are a lot of nearly worthless antennas so I have experimented and the $19 channel master flat antenna with free shipping is the best we get 21 channels including sub channels 22.1,22.2 etc
    we also bought a brand new set-top converter box also from channel master in the woods we get 13 channels in our pop-up. we only have flat antenna some day maybe riki or fire stick. we are mid 60and 71 do “boomer tv to us is a great thing


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