A guide to how to think about starting homesteading for those who want to turn a dream into a reality.

So you are thinking about starting a homestead farm?   Use this guide to check your dream against the reality of being a homesteader.  The guide takes you through the process of making the decision and includes information on how to pick a perfect homestead and steps to get started.  Full of practical information, this guide is a must for everyone who wants to turn the dream into a reality.

Topics covered include:
What is homesteading and why start?
Is homesteading for me?
Where to homestead?
Costs of starting a homesteading and managing your money.
Choosing a perfect homestead.
Guidelines for starting out.


You can read the first few pages of the guide and see its complete contents table by clicking this link.

I would love to hear your feedback about this guide. Please drop me a note at gaz@startoffhomesteading.com.

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Starting off Homesteading