Starting off Homesteading

A guide to how to think about starting homesteading for those who want to turn a dream into a reality.

So you are thinking about starting a homestead farm?   Use this guide to check your dream against the reality of being a homesteader.  The guide takes you through the process of making the decision and includes information on how to pick a perfect homestead and steps to get started.  Full of practical information, this guide is a must for everyone who wants to turn the dream into a reality.

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ManagManage your homestead money COVERing your homestead money

I believe this is the most important skill you can have in life – and totally essential for homesteading.   There may be a time (and it could start from day one) that you will need to watch every cent coming in and going out just to stay afloat.  If you don’t have a good management system for your money, you will not be able to make good decisions and soon your dreams will be shattered.

This book will give you an insight into how to better manage your money.   We will talk about income and expenses and how to mange them using a budget.  We will even share templates for you to use in your favorite spreadsheet (and if you don’t have spreadsheet skills we will go through the whole process step by step.)

MarketingCover-webThe Secrets to Farm & Homestead Marketing
A beginners guide to marketing for homesteaders and small farm owners

No matter what you grow, make or what service your homestead or small farm provides, you are going to have to become involved in marketing. For many people this will be the first time they are involved in this process – for others it may be that they are refreshing their skills or selling their own items instead of another persons/companies.



A simple guide on how to start telecommuting

Telecommuting is when you work away from the office – normally in another city/location and yet you are still an employee of a firm/organization. This is a growing trend as employers realize that to get the best out of some employees they need to provide them with a flexible working schedule and environment.  This booklet provides insights on telecommuting and how you can make it work for you.



 Circular Homestead Calendar Blanks

For planning your homestead activities over a year!   You can print them off as many times as you like for years to come.  They can be used for vegetable or crop planting, project planning and for collecting data, such as rainfall or temperature records for your homestead.  For more details see this blog post.

Versions available for Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere.




 MeasurementsChartMeasurements Chart

A must for any kitchen!   A conversion chart for volume measurements for canning and cooking.  Gallon (US) to pints, quarts, fluid ounces, tea spoons and more.   Metric conversions are included.  Print out and laminate for your kitchen!