Here is my homesteading creed:  Homesteading knows no boundaries or limitations.  It cuts across all societies and involves people from every walk of life.  That is what makes it such a wonderful lifestyle that binds folks across a nation and around the world together.

So here is a set of beliefs that make up the homesteading creed that I think the world could all learn from as we move forward wanting to better our lives and planet.

homesteading creed

Homesteading Creed

Homesteading is done by people on all continents, of all races, of all color and ethnicity.  It is the ideas and traditions of the whole human existence that meshes together through homesteading.

Homesteading  is not owned by one religion.  People from all faiths or those with no faith at all participate and enrich the process.

Homesteading is not owned by one political leaning.   Both people from the very right through to the very left of the political spectrum enjoy and thrive through homesteading.

Homesteading is done by the very poor through to the very rich.  It is not the wealth in your bank that drives a homesteading, but the richness in their hearts to be more self-sufficient.

Homesteading can be done by those with huge tracts of land through to those living in a small apartment and growing vegetables on a balcony. Both ends of the spectrum are valid and add to the process.

Homesteaders are from all genders and all ages.  They are families, partners, friends and cooperatives.

Homesteaders do not come from one mold.  They are as varied as the human existence can provide and that makes homesteading a wonderful group to live within.  Through sharing ideas and educating each other, the whole homesteading community grows and takes a step forward.

Through homesteading we can make the world a better place, for our families and the wider community. All it takes is an understanding and appreciation of the benefits and knowledge we all bring to the homesteading world.

Now go make the world a better place!


Gaz Lewis, 2015.










Homesteading Creed

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