Protecting garden tools is a way to save money in the long run. If you buy good tools to start with, you should be able to protect and maintenance those tools so they give you life long service and beyond. I am using tools that I have been given from family friends and also ones I bought for almost nothing at yard sales.

Three rules for Protecting garden tools

If you follow these simple rules, your tools will last for almost ever!

1. Clean your tools after you use them! Remove dirt and soil…wash them if you can.
2. Store them away DRY and out of the elements (rain/snow and sunlight).
3. Give the handles a yearly dose of linseed oil to protect them.


Linseed oil and handles – great for protecting garden tools

Using linseed oil on the handles is a great way to ensure you are protecting garden tools on your homestead.  Linseed oil (or flaxseed oil) is made from flax seed.  It is used in many commercial applications, such as an additive to paints.   The beauty of linseed oil is that it drys out rather than staying ‘oily’, but while a liquid it soaks in and protects wood. Read more about linseed oil here.

I have used linseed oil to bring back garden tool handles that have almost been on the brink of being no longer useable.   I also use it on my new tool handles each year to keep them in good shape.

How to maintain your handles.

Protecting garden tools

Get your self a can of linseed oil…one can will last you a lifetime!

Protecting garden tools

If you have very rough handles – especially of they have not been cared for or very old – sand them down to remove any splinters etc.

Paint on the linseed oil and leave it for 15 mins or longer to sink in.


Rub off excess oil with an old soft rag.

Protecting garden tools


Repeat these above steps twice for really old or rough handles.

If you have new or handles in good condition, then rub them down with an rag soaked in linseed oil.  You can do this every six months or yearly – and your tools will look and perform much better.

Protecting garden tools
Protecting garden tools

The finished item will look and feel so much better – and last for a long long time.




Protecting garden tools

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