Can Chickens Eat Grapes?

Are you looking to add something new and healthy to your chickens’ diet and wondering can chickens eat grapes?

Look no further than the humble and delicious grape.

While chickens do have their own food preferences that may vary between individuals, they are hardly picky eaters in general. Chickens love grapes, and grapes are healthy for them too!

Nutrients found in grapes

What nutrients can be found in grapes?

Humans greatly benefit from these fruits. They have nutrients that reduce the risks of many health conditions including cancer and eye problems. It also has Resveratrol, a good antioxidant. It’s a great source of potassium and fiber as well as many other vitamins and minerals. Grapes are excellent for people with diabetes, as long as it’s within their diet plans.

Surely, adding grapes to your chickens’ diet won’t harm them at all. They say that chickens literally eat what most humans would eat including scraps from the table. With all these nutrients from grapes that people benefit from, your chickens are better eating them too.

A homesteader or backyard chicken farmer will get asked this question every so often.

Yes, chickens can eat grapes.

More often than not, a newbie chicken owner won’t know the exact list of things that they can and can’t feed to their flock and will second-guess themselves before giving them anything.

Grapes as treats

Do note that chickens are not supposed to live off eating grapes. Grapes make for wonderful treats and should be given to chickens within reason and schedule.

Overfeeding chickens with grapes may make them spoiled.

They will stop eating their regular diets and starve themselves until you give them the grapes they love so much.

Before feeding them the grapes, know that chickens have beaks instead of teeth. They don’t chew food the way we do. They tear it apart outside the beak then throw the parts into their gullets. In theory, they can choke on large pieces of grape.

Give your chickens a hand by cutting up the grapes before feeding them.

Unlike people, animals may not know when to stop eating. They may get sick in the stomach if you overfeed them sugary treats like grapes. This is a fast way to kill off your chickens, so feed in moderation. Before dying from a stomach issue, chickens tend to get bloated first, which allows you some time to respond quickly and change things up with their diet.

Should chickens eat grapes, grapevines and grapes with seeds?

A small helping of grapes will not have any negative impact on your chickens. However, they must not replace grapes with their everyday diets. Grapes should be placed on a once in a while status as chicken treats. Grapes are sweet and too much of anything that is too sweet is not good for animals, or humans. A few small pieces of chopped up grapes would be fine, with the serving size depending on the age of your chickens.

Chickens, much like humans, have individual food preferences. Perhaps some of your chickens don’t like sweet treats, so don’t try to force it down their beaks if they don’t like it. In general, chickens aren’t too picky about their diets so starvation isn’t a big issue. Overeating, on the other hand, could lead to some fatal sicknesses for chickens. Always feed in moderation, and in the schedule. Set up meal times and meal amounts depending on your chickens’ size and age. Chicken digestive problems tend to be a lot more difficult to handle than in humans.

The next question commonly asked after the feeding of grapes is the feeding of grape seeds. Grape seeds are dangerous for chickens and similar farm birds in general, as are other raw seeds, beans, and fruit pits. As you feed chickens grapes, use seedless grapes or remove the seeds from the grapes before you give it to them.

Under the same subject, you should avoid giving your chickens grapevines. While not immediately toxic, grapevines have small traces of harmful substances to chickens which can accumulate as you feed them. The health of your chickens and their eggs can be compromised if you don’t strictly observe what they are being fed. When deciding what to feed to chickens and when it might be helpful to treat them like children. Allow them to experiment with different kinds of food, but keep the list within reason and never overfeed them treats.

Chickens can eat grapes, but better in moderation. You might have a chicken that just doesn’t like the way grapes taste… and that’s okay!

Give it a try yourself, maybe your chickens will happily peck away on the grapes.