Chicken Breed For Eggs

12 Chicken Breeds for Eggs That Will Lay Up to 250+ Eggs in a Year

If you are a backyard chicken farmer or want to be one, you really understand the incentives to it. The feeling of owning your own chickens and collecting eggs, warm on your hands, every morning and the constant supply of fresh eggs. It also significantly relieves your pocket.

The choice of chicken breed for eggs is a compelling one. If you are keeping chickens as an egg business owner, you will need one that can lay consistently. Certain breeds have proved to be always at the top of the list in egg laying. Some are discussed below.

In choosing chicken breeds for eggs, laying habits are the most crucial factor. An ideal chicken breed will lay almost every day and 150-300 eggs in a year. From there, egg color and size are important information. What color of eggs do your customers prefer?

What temperament are the chickens? They should be able to co-exist. Some breeds are friendly enough and like being cuddled and petted. These are good for children and family. Taking care of them can teach them responsibility and children will love it. Some will jump onto your lap and let you feed them.

 1.   Australorps

Australorps are the best breed of chicken for egg laying. They are prolific layers and can lay up to 250-350 eggs a year. One Australorp made the world record by laying 364 eggs in 365 days. The breed is Australian and was originally a hybrid between black Orrington imported from Britain in the 1880s with a local breed, Langshan. They were once considered a threatened breed but there numbers have since then been recovering.


They range in variety of color from blue to black. They lay large, brown-colored eggs and are very docile and human-friendly although they have been known to bully other breeds. They are prolific foragers and would be happy on the field while perfectly fine in a pen. Their size is good also if needed be for the pot.

They will start laying from 22-24 weeks old. They are hardy birds and can withstand all seasons from cold to hot. A female might weigh 5-6 pounds.

Egg color:   White

Egg size:        Large

Temperament:    Docile, they are good for kids as pets.

2.   White Leghorns

White Leghorns are one of the best chicken breed for eggs there is. Producing 200-250 eggs a year, they will provide you with eggs all year round. They are originally from Italy but the breed has varieties originating from England, Denmark and America.

They are beauties with their white color, which makes them good backyard chicken. Children will love them. Aside from their prolific egg-laying capacity, they have been characterized by their great activity making them good foragers. They are hardy birds through the summers and winters.

They will start laying at 15-18 weeks of age and a female might weigh around 5 pounds. White Leghorns are not good brooders though.

Egg color:   White

Egg size:      Large

Temperament:   Active

3. Rhode Island Red

Rhode Island Red is an American breed from Rhode Island, Massachusetts and despite its name actually has a dark brown color. They were developed through crossing Asiatic breeds from china and Pakistan. It’s a prolific egg layer, producing 150-250 eggs a year. They are also meat birds when need be, a rooster could weigh 8.5 pounds.

They are good free range birds while also great as penned chicken. This breed makes one of the hardiest chickens making them one of the best breeds. Because of their docility, they make good pets. They can aggressive with other smaller chicken breeds though.

They start laying eggs at the age of 15-18 weeks. A female might weigh 5 pounds on average. They are particularly good brooders.

Egg color:    Brown

Egg size:       Large

Temperament:     Hardy

4.  Golden-Laced Wyandottes

Golden-laced Wyandottes is a cold-hardy breed. They are beautifully colored and a magnificent sight to behold. They are Native American birds; they were named after a Native American tribe.  They were originally called the “American Sebright”. They are at the top of the list and prolific egg layers; they can produce 250 eggs a year.

Farmers have described it as a calm, gentle bird and a terrific forager. Their large size make them good for the pot if need be. It is well adapted to cold winters and extreme weather.

They start laying eggs at the age of 18-20weeks. They are a good breed for brooding and if you let them, they can hatch a good flock. A female would weigh 6 pounds.

Egg color:    Brown

Egg size:       Large

Temperament:   Hardy, docile

5.   Marans

Marans are originally from France and they date back to the 13th century. Modern day breeds are spread across the world. They are dual purpose and one of the chicken breeds that lay the most eggs. They are well recognized as backyard chickens because they are prolific layers and their eggs have an enticing russet brown color that is very popular.

Marans will lay 150-200 eggs a year. Despite their small size, they are commonly enjoyed for their meat. They are docile and tidy although they don’t make good pets because they can be aggressive. They are excellent brooders and very hardy birds.

Egg color:    Dark brown, Russet brown

Egg size:        Large

Temperament:   Docile, tidy

6.   New Hampshire Red

New Hampshire Red is liked for being a prolific layer and their meat being tastier than most other breeds. They can lay up to 200 eggs a year. They are hardy and adapted to both cold and hot extreme weather.

This is one of the broodiest breeds and if you allow it to sit, they will hatch and make excellent mothers. You can build a sustainable flock for both egg laying and meat this way. A New Hampshire Red is the most preferred breeds for its dual purpose. They can be aggressive because of their broody nature and the roosters might fight if there aren’t enough hens around.

They start laying eggs at the age of 18-21 weeks. A female would weigh 6 pounds.

Egg color:    Light brown

Egg size:       Large

Temperament:   Broody

7.   Barred Plymouth Rock

Barred Plymouth Rocks are very friendly birds which are good for kids and also for laying eggs. Their egg size is small to medium despite the fact that they are large birds. Their friendly disposition can’t be beaten by any other breed, they are the sweetest. They are also prolific layers; they will 200 eggs a year.

They integrate the best with other flocks and their large size makes them good for the pot. They lay eggs that have a light brown color and will produce abundantly all year round.

They start laying at the age of 18-22 weeks. The female weighs approximately 6 pounds.

Egg color:     Light brown

Egg size:      Small to medium

Temperament:     Friendly

8.  Light Sussex

The Sussex chicken are one of the most prolific layers, they can comfortably lay up to 280 eggs a year. Originally from Sussex, Britain, they are one of the oldest English breeds. They are raised for dual purpose, for both eggs and meat. They produce large, brown eggs which very well desirable in the market.

They range variably from the speckled Sussex, red Sussex to light Sussex. The light Sussex has a white body, black striped neck and tail feathers. Their fame comes from their large size and laying capacity. They are a perfect choice for backyard chickens and good for the pot.

They will start laying eggs at the age of 16-20 weeks. The female weighs between 7-8 pounds.

Egg color:   Brown

Egg size:      Large

Temperament:   Calm, sometimes may be bullied by other flock.

9.   Red Sexlink

Red Sexlink is not a breed but a hybrid from several breeds which can be found in hatcheries.  They are very prolific layers and will give an average of 200-280 eggs a year. Some farmers who have kept them say they are the best they ever had. They produce extremely large eggs though it’s not possible to hatch your own chickens because the chicks are not sexlink chicks but a mixture of other breeds.

They are very hardy through all seasons, cold and hot. They are called sexlinks because their skin color is different depending on their sex. They are also perfect free range birds and use nesting boxes to lay. The pullets will start laying from the age of 18-20 months and lay so consistently they will surprise you.

They are docile in character and kids will love them. They are also large birds, a mature hen will weigh 6-7 pounds, and  great for meat.

Egg color:    Brown

Egg size:       Large

Temperament:   Docile

10.    Buff Orpington

The Buff Orpington originates from England as the Black Orpington. They are a breed between the Black Orpington and a few other breeds. They are very friendly chicken and very suitable as backyard chicken especially with children and family. They make great pets. They are also prolific layers, laying 175-200 eggs per year.

Their size also makes them a good breed for meat hence they are dual purpose.  A hen can weigh up to 7 pounds. They are best kept in penned houses with appropriate shelter and not free range. They start laying from 19-24 weeks old.

Egg color:   light- dark brown

Egg size:       large- extra large

Temperament:   Friendly

11.   ISA Brown

ISA Brown is a sexlink chicken that are a hybrid crossed between a wide ranges of breeds. They have sexlink coloration. They are originally from France. The exact genes of the chicken are a closely guarded secret. This hybrid are mainly egg layers although they can be used for meat if need be.

They can lay up to 300 eggs a year and make one of the best chicken breeds for eggs. A hen can weigh 5 pounds and its productivity during the first years is tremendous. This breed is engineered specifically to lay eggs.

They are very tidy birds, laying their eggs in the coup, very friendly and well behaved. Because of the crossbreeding though, they are very prone to disease and they need special care. They might make good pets and backyard chicken.

Egg color:   Brown

Egg size:       Medium

Temperament:   Docile

12.    Lakenvelder

Lakenvelder are a breed originally from Germany. The bird’s body is cream but the head, neck and tail are black. They are not particularly good layers and will only produce an average 160 eggs a year. The charm of them is the color, quite majestic as they are and especially for a backyard chicken.

They are quite active and quick and children will love chasing them around. They are primarily bred for eggs and meat. Their large size makes them a good meal. They are hardy, can live through all seasons and make excellent foragers. They are great as free range chickens.

Egg color:   White

Egg size:       Medium

Temperament:   Flighty, Shy

In summary…

Keeping chickens in your backyard may be a hobby and not necessarily a business. This said, choosing the best chicken breeds for eggs is a process and often involves a lot of guesswork. Knowledge of the best layers is important to get to buy a breed that will provide you with eggs consistently.

There are other factors that might influence the choice of a breed. How large is your backyard? If your backyard is small and can only accommodate a small chicken coop then it would not be possible to keep foraging free range birds.

You might want a breed that can provide ample eggs and also meat. Or you might want a good brooder to grow you a sufficient flock. Either way the variety of choices is large.

If you are looking for a pet, there are a number of breeds included in this article that are all fluffy and cuddly. Your kids will love them. You can also involve them in collecting eggs and cleaning the pen.

To make the best choice, do some research and find out which breed suits you best for your backyard flock. Hopefully this article was helpful in your search.