Circular Homestead Calendar

Circular Homestead Calendar is an amazing tool to plan out your homestead activities.  I use it for two main purposes – to work out my planting dates and to record rainfall.   But you could use it for building projects, planning holidays and so much more.

The calendar just has all the months shown in a circle – the outside ring is the months.  The inside ring if the seasons (the one shown in my photos is for the Northern Hemisphere – but I can provide the Southern Hemisphere blank for my souther friends!).  In the center is a place for notes.  On the top is a place to write what the calendar is being used for and a year.   On the right hand side is a plce for you to use a key for what you are showing.

Circular Homestead Calendar – how to use it!

It is really simple to use one of these circular calendars.   The first thing I do is find what day of the week each month starts on and write a “1” on that day in the small box.

You could then add all the dates in the boxes for that month – but that clutters it and you can quickly work out the days when it is required.

I then work out the key I want to use and write that using the key boxes.   So, for example, on my calendar that records rain and snow on my farm, I just split events into two for rain and three for snow based on the amounts and use color crayons or pencils to show those events in the key.  I keep those crayons to use on the calendar for the year.

You can see the partial completed calendar for that in the first image in this blog.

On my planting circular homestead calendar I have marked the average first and last frost days for my town, then used a highlighter to show the seasons ‘frost free growing’ days.  I can then extend beyond those days for seed planting and crops I might put under cover.  Its great to work out those vegetables that work well in the early winter months for us.

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