Growing potatoes – video guides

I love growing potatoes!   I can’t say I am an expert, so I turn to the online videos to see what people are doing that I might want to copy.

My first potato crop – just plopped spuds into the ground and look what i got! I was hooked.

So here are some video of the major potato growing methods people seem to be using …other than just plopping them into the soil!

 Growing Potatoes in 5 Gallon Buckets

Gaz says:  Nice video of a simple method and great for those growing in limited spaces, like on balconies etc.  One point I would change is I would start (at least in the first year) with seed potatoes rather than potatoes you buy in a supermarket.   I love the dog in this video as well…and wow – what an awesome compost system this guy has!

 Growing Potatoes in burlap sacks

Gaz says: Nice kid friendly video – kids helping their Mom (I love to see that). Some great advice on chitting and ways to save soil.

Growing Potatoes in straw/hay (no dig method)

Gaz says: Love to try this method – as I always have some course hay around.   Shame it did not have some harvest footage.

Growing Potatoes in tires

Gaz says: I tried this method – it was a failure….and there are a ton of videos online that show this method NOT working.  It seems that the plant puts all its effort into growing a stem up the tires rather tan creating potatoes.  You end up with a few potatoes in the bottom and almost nothing higher up.  Shame…it held so much promise!

Growing Potatoes in a tower

Gaz says: Nice video on setting up a potato tower. Again…I love to see kids involved in the process of growing food.   I like this system, as it uses the same space to grow layers of different potatoes.

Growing Potatoes organically

Gaz says: A little stilted commentary – but some interesting facts and useful advice.

If you want all the info on growing potatoes, you can’t beat this wonderful blog from our friends at