Selling Chicken Eggs – The Ultimate Resource Guide

Here are some great resources to help you prepare for selling chicken egg from your homestead!

Know your state regulations for selling chicken eggs

The regulations for selling chicken eggs varies from state to state.  In the two states I have lived in , most of the regulations are based on the NUMBER of chickens you keep and how you LABEL the egg cartons.    This was easy for us to comply with a very small flock and selling to neighbors, work friends and passers-by!

It is really up to you to know your state regulations for selling chicken eggs.  This state website –  small flocks  – is a good one to visit for all sorts of chicken information.  Most states will have similar information.

If you are interested, here is the guidance from my state (Maine) about selling eggs.

Washing/cleaning eggs

A note here:   I would not wash an egg UNLESS I was about to use it, or I had to clean them up for sale.   The protective layer (bloom) left on the egg by the chicken really helps to keep the egg fresh.  But buyers don’t like to see poop covered eggs.  So….

Gaz says:  Washing eggs might not be for everyone, but if you have poop covered eggs then here is one guys solution!  My research shows that you should ALWAYS use water at least 90F .   The warm water causes the egg to swell and stops bacterial entering the shell when the bloom is removed.

Check this out – The Incredible egg washer.

Here is where you can buy one with the air compressor.

Buying egg cartons

If you are selling chicken eggs, you probably are going to need cartons.  Here are some of the online sellers for new cartons…and I calculated what it would cost for me one dozen plain paper grey egg carton would cost (if I bought in quantities of 125).  This includes shipping to my door.  This is just a guide…but I wanted to see where I would get the best deal.
Of course there are MANY options – colored cartons, printed with or without grades etc etc.  And so it would be worth checking them all out if you are after those variations.

Egg Cartons Online         $0.34                $0.64

The Egg Carton Store        $0.44                    $0.33

My local hardware store now sells cartons too….but I have not priced them.   I have to admit I use recycled clean cartons that people donate to me…I cross of the grade marks and shove a sticky label over the printed brand!   While it might not look professional, it meets all the guidelines for my state….and I think people appreciate that I am being kinder to the environment by not starting with new cartons.

Egg Grading and Labeling 

When selling chicken eggs you want to provide a grade your your eggs.  Here is the USDA manual on grading eggs.  In contains a lot more information than just grading – and I think it is a wonderful resource.

A quicker guide for understanding the grading system can be found here.

My state regulations say I can’t label my eggs above a certain grade (B) unless I candle every egg for internal quality.   I am fine with that – people want my farm eggs cause of the happy and free lifestyle of my chickens…not because of the grading mark!

Other Egg Carton Labels

This is a great guide on what terms mean on egg cartons.  Again, you need to check your state regulations about what you can use and say on your cartons.

I hope this selling chicken eggs resource guide has been a help.

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